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Why Open MRI for Spine Surgery!

Open MRI for spine surgery is specialized in Dynamic diagnostic MRI imaging of spine and joint by utilizing cutting-edge technology from Italy –UPRIGHT MRI  and other diagnostic technology from Siemens-Germany with experienced physicians ,Radiographers and physiotherapist . We understand that your condition is unique and you need the best way of diagnostic that addresses your individual pain circumstances and challenges.

Our Team

Dr. Heba Ibrahim

Head of Radiology Department

Dr. Alaa ElDin Ahmed Saleh

Specialist Radiologist

Deeb Maxwell Kayed, MD, FAAN

Neurologist & Neurophysiologist


Open MRI for Spine Surgery is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare, the most advanced medical technologies, and a world-class service to all our patients.


Open MRI for Spine Surgery is to be part of leading radio-diagnostic and medical centers in the region, providing excellent patient care with uncompromising safety measures.

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